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What is sandbox? how to exit from it?

What is sandbox? how to exit from it?

Sandbox is the filter penalty that Google gives to websites. Spam sites are included in this filtering system. In this sense, the website entering the sandbox cannot have good rankings in the search results. These websites are far behind in the search results, thus, a high drop in the number of hits occurs after entering to sandbox.

Spam is a kind of trick made by website makers. Sandbox system is used for minimizing these cheats. As a result of this system, Google users can access more useful sites.

For instance, if a recently opened website gets too much backlink, it might get into Sandbox. While it is easy to get into the Sandbox, exiting from it might take months or even years.How to enter Sandbox?

Generally, the newly opened websites' non-compliance with the SEO rules causes it. The overwhelming use of SEO for new websites results in being put to the sandbox. Sandbox reasons are explained below. These reasons may vary from site to site.

  • High keyword density
  • Publishing similar or same content
  • Copying content
  • Hidden keywords
  • Excessive tag use
  • Content increase that conflicts with the number of members or the number of hits
  • Fast backlink increase
  • Non-usage of excessive link output and nofollow

How to Exit Sandbox?

In order to exit from sandbox, you need to remove everything that might have caused the spamming perception. If you want to leave the sandbox in a very shorter time, remove all of files from your website and then re-install it. To get out of the sandbox, the best course of action would be putting the website for maintenance and waiting for Google to forget it; then putting the website on the air. Exiting the sandbox is a long process. Sometimes it can take three months but in some cases even six months could not give any positive results.

The website will start to be listed on Google after exiting from sandbox and it can get visitors once again.

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