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The secret of Google

The secret of Google

Even explaining the same subject from different perspectives can harm the website. Similarity rate of multiple topics within the site should be below 40%. For example, writing two articles about original content could have a lot of similarities even if they are written by different people; because if the words, tags and categories are same; the similarity rate will be around 60% even if authors tell two different opinions. Thus, a website who tries to explain the original content will just fail to do what it tries to say. 

You should ensure that every aspect of the content are as different as possible.

  • Bottom tags
    The bottom tags used for each image must be different.
  • Title
    The title used for each page should be different.
  • Meta tags
    The meta description and the meta keywords used for each page should be different.
  • Image names
    Each image name must be different. Instead of table.jpg and table.png use woodentable.jpg
  • Content
    The most important factor is the similarity of content. The lower the similarity, the better the in-site SEO quality.
  • Applications
    There must be useful, different and creative tools that you provide for your users.
  • Image sizes
    Even the image sizes used on the site is one of the most important tools known to Google and made available to its visitors.
  • More than one URL on a page
    On a page, you can use forum url, homepage url, or contact url more than once.
  • URL title
    When getting backlink to your site and linking from your site, different title tags should be used.

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