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Writing seo-compatible articles

Most of the hits obtained from search engines come from sub-pages. Hence, creating powerful sub-pages and elevating each article i

The secret of Google

Even explaining the same subject from different perspectives can harm the website. Similarity rate of multiple topics within the s

Common seo mistakes (part 1)

In today’s lesson (part 1), we will describe some of the SEO errors that are done by webmasters by thinking that they were correct

Impact of domain age on seo

Domain age also has a great impact on SEO. It plays a big role in many search engines’ rankings. Search engines such as Google reg

Does seo have a single formula?

SEO has changed continuously since its beginning. The main reason for this is the constant change of search engines' algorithms. S

What is sitemap?

Sitemap is a file with an xml extension that contains the pages of the content you published on your website. Nowadays, the s

Seo in brief

I will briefly answer the question of how SEO can be applied to a website. I'll list SEO solutions that fit the basic structure of

Seo status by website size

In this article, I will describe the status of SEO in regard to the size of the websites. Let me explain: which websites are more

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